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LetterLove : Recent Letterings No 3

LetterLove : happy travels are the best travels. -

I would love to share another round of fairly recent (if you count last october…) LetterLove – all of them travel related. Over the past 9 months I have done a bit of traveling and almost managed to letter each city or place I was about to travel to. Most recently I have been to Dublin & Copenhagen for a little over a week and enjoyed my ‚ME‘ – time. Writing, reading, wandering around,… it’s been lovely. While in Ireland I actually enjoyed to letter without a brush-pen & just with my Pentel Ball Pen – or with some even pen with a even finer nip.

LetterLove : let yourself rest. -

LetterLove : Ostsee -

I travelled to the Baltic Sea (Ostsee in german), beautiful Amsterdam (first time!), Cologne – and as mentioned Dublin & Copenhagen. I really do believe that I should letter way more Cities and their Airport Shortnames (like CPH for Copenhagen). I love that you only need to read 3 letters to know which city has been mentioned. So simple. Here are few examples of my CityLetterings:

LetterLove : CPH Copenhagen - www.pugsandroses.deLetterLove : Amsterdam - www.pugsandroses.deLetterLove : Köln cologne - www.pugsandroses.deLetterLove : Dublin -

…many more are planned. Next stop for me will be London btw. – for Blogtacular! Whoop whoop!

Let’s do this! More adventures, more letterings, more blogging (well… i really need to work on that!).

LetterLove : let's do this -

Do you have any travel plans in the near future? If so, where to? 


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