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My first big project : a few of my favourite shots

MFHG_Sanierung 2015_01 -

Earlier last year, my colleague (and boss) Michael asked me to fully take over one of our projects till completion. Of course I said yes. I have already been working long hours in November and December of 2014 to finish every single drawing needed for this project, it would be an amazing opportunity – careerwise – for me as well. So it started…. and I found myself among plenty of men for nearly the whole year of 2015. Telling them what to do and what not , laughing with them, sharing funny moments and stories, sometimes even yelling at them but always trying to motivate them (sometimes even praising),…. and, of course, taking pictures of the whole process along the way.

A few of my favourites are this exact ones – minus a few others. I especially loved the first stage of the whole project. the demolition. From time to time I have visited the site to find quite interesting pairings – or even great wardrobe mock-ups by the builders (such a simple idea, isn’t it?).

MFHG_Sanierung 2015_02 - www.pugsandroses.deMFHG_Sanierung 2015_03 -

My absolute favourites on site were the carpenters. Not even did they had quite nice looking hands (a little pleasure for my eyes as a single lady is not too bad from time to time), they were an absolute joy. Great guys. Professionell, intelligent, correct, fun and always thinking ahead. Which is brilliant as I have had the feeling of being the host of a kindergarden from time to time among all those builders. One of my favourite photos is the one with the two carpenters working on our big dormer window/balcony/roof.

MFHG_Sanierung 2015_04 - www.pugsandroses.deMFHG_Sanierung 2015_05 -

The staircase of my project has seen a total transformation as well. The guys on site sanded down the treads and railing. The picture does show the before though. With 60 years a pretty old lady already.

MFHG_Sanierung 2015_06 -

The greatest transformation happend under the roofs. For 60 years those great spaces only have had seen plenty of dust. Now there are two beautiful light apartments waiting for new inhabitants (still available too), with great views over Hannover.

MFHG_Sanierung 2015_07 - www.pugsandroses.deMFHG_Sanierung 2015_08 - www.pugsandroses.deMFHG_Sanierung 2015_09 - www.pugsandroses.deMFHG_Sanierung 2015_10 - www.pugsandroses.deI actually cannot believe that it’s all over now (well, just a few minor things) and that I am already working on other projects. Crazy. The past year has just flown by – workwise. So much work, so many meetings on site,  telephone calls, emails, photos… but I have happy about the turnout. And proud too.

Have you been working on a fun project recently? If so, of what kind?

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