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LetterLove : Recent Letterings No 2

autumn. - www.pugsandroses.deAs autumn is in full swing – I am continuing loving to sit down and letter. There is something about writing words or quotes or names which does calm me down for a little while. It’s my kind of Mandala I guess.

Take a look at my recent letterings if you like… all kind of motivating or re-assuring… it’s the ’stress‘ at work (one of my projects is close to completion) that makes me want to feel and most of all stay ‚calm & collected‘. I try.

you can. -> Yes Girl, you can!! <
don't stress. -…uuuh… but > Don’t Stress! < (not worth it most of the time).sing out loud. -

…instead you should just > Sing out loud! < … because Life is Good! Isn’t it? Most of the time anyways. I actually posted this lettering on my recent birthday… yep. Another year has passed for me. Today the circumstance of that ’special occasion‘ just got me thinking for a little while. I am pretty close to have lived the first half of my life! Like… if I will be able to become at least 80 years old, I am nearly there! I mean at 40! Can’t get my head around it. It freaked me out for a couple of minutes… contemplating about my life and esp. the last years of it. Actually the years since I have finished studying architecture. That’s going to be 10 years (!!) next October. Crazy. What happened? Why has time passed so quick? Well…, this might be going way too deep for ‚just for fun‘ lettering now… 
oh, yes. -> !! <

Hope you had a great weekend!

I had. I did nothing. ; )

…but tomorrow I have to climb up scaffolding with my client…. meh. - signature susux

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