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Travel with me : Tangermünde

A few days ago I went on a little surprise weekendtrip with a bunch of girlfriends and the 3 who organized everything didn’t even mention where we are going when we boarded the train in the direction of ‚Berlin‘. Surely we were all pretty excited! B E R L I N !!!
Eventually we got out at Berlin-Spandau and took another, much smaller train, towards a place I have never heard of before in my life. – – – T A N G E R M Ü N D E – – –
You? Too. Well, let me tell you… the moment we arrived at the actual quite sad looking train station I just thought ‚Oh my God! Where on earth am I?‘. Also the first buildings we did saw weren’t really promising, yet a bit scaring.
So we walked. And walked…. until we did hit the picturesce town center…
STUNNING!! Everything looked so neat and cute – and old! I fell instantly in love with everything a little bit. Who wouldn’t? It looked like a little fairytale city we are about to discover for the weekend.
We quickly checked in at our hotel and started to expolore. The weather was A M A Z I N G and we simply couldn’t wait to discover more of this little city.
We started our discovery around lunch time with the climbing of an old medieval tower which has once been used as a turret and is part of the ‚Schlossanlage‘ (castle complex) of the town. Apparently Tangermünde used to be part of the ‚Hanse‚ as well as a former ‚Kaiserstuhl‚ (home of an emporer). How fascinating!! The orginal castle from medieval times isn’t there anymore – but a quite pretty ‚Schloesschen‘ from an earlier age (I would guess 17th/18th century) and nowadays used as a hotel.
The city still has rather a lot of it’s former ‚protection walls‘ which are pretty much intact from the side of the river Elbe – even with it’s medieval entry towers.
Also lovely to discover and simply stunning from an architectural & historic kind of view is their church and old townhall!!! B E A U T I F U L !!!!
We even had a pretty fun evening. In one of their restaurants it is possible to book a special dinner. For that, we kind of travelled back in time, and found ourselves in a classroom with a teacher (dressed as he is from 1914 or even earlier) and with a lot of nonsense coming along. In the end we all prepared and drank delicious ‚Feuerzangenbowle‚. Fantastic & fun evening!!
I will most definitely come back to this very peaceful place on earth one day, probably take a stroll along the river and enjoy a lovely meal at one of the restaurants in the town centre.
Have you ever heard of Tangermünde?? Would you like to explore it yourself one day? Who would have thought that such gems are just 1,5 hours away from where you (actually me) live?? So cool!!!
Love, Su x

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