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The last hero of modernism is dead

via pinterest.

As an architect myself i got very sad this morning after reading that the great Oscar Niemeyer passed away yesterday. With 104! I am sorry about the loss of this great man and most of all truly inspiring architect. Leaving me completely in awe of his achievement.

He has been a magnificent pioneer in modern architecture, with an amazing workload and completed architectural icons – not even and only in Brazil – the world over.

He was one of the most iconic architects in our modern world, inspired others
and will inspire even more in the future.

During my studies, a few of my former classmates travelled to Brazil with one of my Professors. Unfortunately – back then – I was too scared to travel that far or spend that much money for an excursion. Afterwards, we all wished we had done it. My Professor and classmates visited Niemeyer in his Studio in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.  Oh, what a chance I have missed. He was the last ‚Hero of Modernism‘.
all pictures via pinterest.
A few weeks ago I have read an article that one of his late design collaborations has been with Converse.  Being a huge lover of ‚Chucks‘ myself, I wish I could be able to lay hands one of them.
They look so simple and clean. Unfortunately, you can only get them in Brazil. There is an article about them on dezeen.
We still have post-modernism.
Love, Susu xx
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