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Look where i went when i was hitting the mall with my friend Barbara in Louisville, Kentucky…

IMG_0263After seeing these two fellas in numerous vlogs and blogs i decided to check them out by myself. It’s my 2nd ever purchase of Dior/ Nars as I do own a Dior Addict Lipstick and used to own a Nars Makeup Primer once.

First of all: LOVE the packaging!IMG_0264IMG_0267The Nars Orgasm Blush might be a classic already – same for the Laguna Bronzer. And this is 2 in 1 product! YAY! Never tried a Bronzer before…. am so excited! Still don’t know how and with what kind of brush, but… what are YouTube Videos for?

The Blush…. it just looks gorgeous! I love that colour and fresh sparkle.
It must look so fresh on your cheeks!
IMG_0269IMG_0271IMG_0272As I have already mentioned I never tried Bronzer before. Well, I did try a Highlighter before. In July I bought my first ever Highlighter, MAC’s Soft & Gentle.
Having seen this Dior Amber Diamond Highlighter feat. so many times – by Tanya Burr for example – I wanted it badly. Unfortunately, you cannot buy it in Germany!!
Well, what should I say… it just looks so stunning!
Have you ever tried any of these 2?
Let me know!
Love, Susu xx

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