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And the huge shopping spree continues…
At diverse places i bought ‚a few‘ things for my face….
well, i just don’t have enough at home anyhow.
Am not a huge ‚primer‘ girl. I once bought a primer from Nars but back then didn’t really know what to do with it. As i do like the Revlon PhotoReady Foundation i thought i might try the Primer too. Also bought the Revlon PhotoReady Compact Makeup. Never had anything like that. I did use it twice so far – when i stayed in Chicago. I wasn’t that keen but will try it again soon.
Am pretty into blushes at the moment. Haven’t worn any blush over years (yeah, that’s true!) i get a feeling that i am trying to make good of that lack of rosy cheeks days in my life.
That Physicians Formula Happy Booster was amazingly appealing to me. Hello?
LOOK AT IT! It’s simply stunning. I might be to afraid to use it.
Also picked up one of Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blushes in Pink Plum.
There isn’t that much colour coming off but it is most definitely pretty nice to touch!

IMG_0256I am using at least 5 different powders at the moment – so why not try another one, eh?After buying the Dandelion Lip Gloss i though i should get the matching face powder. It does look stunning though.IMG_0258IMG_0260Surely i got something for the eyes too – even though a smokey look is pretty tough for my hooded eyes. Anyhow…. i have seen and read so much about the Wet&Wild palettes, i wanted to try at least one of them out by myself. Got the Walking On Eggshells. Might be a classic?

From Maybelline i purchased the Olive Martini (limited edition) and Taupe Temptress (new) palette. Haven’t tried them yet, but they look simply beautiful. Also got the Maybelline Volum’Express Mascara The Mega Plush.
As i have been to Victoria’s Secret before – but never actually bought anything – i was hooked after one of their employees told me that you can get 3 for 5 (or was it 4 for 5?) for every body product.
Hmmm…. that damn stuff smelled so tempting! : )
I got 2 Body Mists, Luxurious Kiss – sandalwood & black plum – & Warm Embrace – vanilla & magnolia blossom; as well as Mango Temptation, a mango nectar & hibiscus body wash.
Together with Vanilla Lace, a vanilla & musk hand & body cream & Luxurious Kiss, a sandalwood & black plum hand cream it made 5.
Big bottles though! Not so spot on for travelling.
Surely i bought something from PINK when i was in Chicago. Go Chicago Bears!!
Last but not least i got a few ‚random‘ things at diverse shops. As you cannot buy those whitening strips in Germany anymore i thought i should get a pack while i am in the US.
Let’s see if i can get a true Hollywood smile!
I have seen products from Aveeno feat. in different vlogs and blogs and wanted to try one product the most. The Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser. So far am LOVING IT!
Also got 4 (actually they used to be 5) hand sanitisers from Bath & Body Works.
Finally. Candles – even though these ones are pretty tiny – from Bath & Body Works.
They all smell amazing! Next time i do need a bigger suitcase!
Do you like any of the items i bought or tried some of them?
What are your thoughts?
I love my stash.
Love, Susu xx

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