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Travel with me : Switzerland

Hello fellow travellers,
Over the past days i have visited one of my best friends, Stella. She is swiss and lives, together with her little family, in the french part of Switzerland. In Neuchatel to be precise. I love that part, and the city. It is simply beautiful, with mountains in the back and probably the greatest lake of Switzerland in the front. I am very lucky to have a friend in that part of the world i guess… ; )
The only thing that bugged me was the journey. It took me soooooo so long from Munich to Neuchatel (over 6 hours), 3 different trains and a lot of sweat (it happened to be pretty hot). But surely it’s always worth it, as i will be seeing my lovely Stella and her family again, have long talks and white wine in the evening on her beautiful terrace, listen to a lot of french (and not getting a single word), playing ping pong with the kids, having fun family dinners and exploring the area…. always great.
This time we went on a little sightseeing tour throughout Neuchatel with ‚the little Roland‘,
a tiny train on wheels… yes, that’s really touristic! lol. But it is – however –
a great thing to involve little children too.
Gosh…. isn’t the ‚old part‘ of Neuchatel just stunning? Love the old architecture, the colours, those statement shutters, cobble-stone streets… beautiful. If you guys will ever be planning to travel to Switzerland, I truly recommend visiting Neuchatel.
Even for lovers of architecture – like moi – it’s a must. knowing that La Chaux-de-Fonds isn’t far (birthplace of Le Corbusier). Or if you do like the books of Friedrich Duerrenmatt (e.g. like the Pledge and it’s famous movie adaptions with german actor Gert Froebe or Hollywoods Jack Nicholson) you should definitely check out the Centre Duerrenmatt and it’s architecture by swiss architect Mario Botta!
Or…. you just relax by the lake! there you could swim, surf, sail or just sunbath along the beaches…
stella view
perfect view towards the lake from stellas home.
Well, until next time Stella, Alain, Gwendoline, Ludovic & Tobias… love you lots. 
Susu xx

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