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Loving Memories : My grandma Pupsi

My Oma is the little girl right in the middle… and my great grandfather seems pretty determined (scary!).

Am feeling really nostalgic today while looking at some old photos
that i inherited from my beloved Oma.
My Oma (and my Mum)…. damn she seemed cool in her early 30’s!
My Mum used to push her buggie all on her own when she was little.
My Oma, Mum and my very pretty looking Opa. Love this photo!
My Opa as a young men and in the late 60’s playing the Piano.
It makes me extremely sad that i have never met him.
Lovely couple the two – and so matchy matchy! ; )
I love these photos but they also do make me sad as I have never seen them together.
My Opa died just 2 months before I was born.
Sometimes I wish I would have met him as he must have been amazing. They both were.
My Gran used to be my special person – I loved and still love her to pieces and miss her truly.
I miss her voice, her knowledge, stories, incredibly wit, loveliness and the conversations we used to have. Even now – after nearly 7,5 years without her – I crying my eyes out over her loss.
She has been the best Oma.
My biggest love so far.
My Pupsi.
My favourite photo of all time. Me and my Pupsi during one of our
yearly holidays at Timmendorfer Strand / Baltic Sea.
Deine ‚alte Tante‘.

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