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Travel with me : Postcards from London

Now that i have shared a few random photos of my life in Munich over the past year it is time for some photos of my actual MOST favorite city in the whole wide world – London!

I celebrated New Years with my lovely friends Tina, Valerie & Angela to start with, visited a few more friends during the summer of 2011 and finally came back for a quick stop at the beginning of December. My trips during the summer and also December were particularly great. I had the chance to catch up with my former and all-time-favourite-boss Malcolm, went to see Jon Bon Jovi @ Hard Rock Calling, bought way too much stuff while i was visiting and finally met the doggie love of my life again since i have moved back to Germany. My little fluffy ex-flatmate Jango. woof woof!
I just miss London so SO much!
I cried when i left.
I may cry now while i am writing this….
I miss my friends, my former life there, even my old office.
Really. I hope so much that the economy will become better soon so i could move back.
But until then i will come over for a visit as much as i am able to afford it.


See you next time my love!
Love, Susu xx

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