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My Home : Finally all dry and pretty again!

8. Januar 2011

It all happened in October last year when my stupid neighbour (who NEVER apologised!) from upstairs went out of the House for the day and left her tap in the bathroom open and running. It took me by surprise when I came back home after work, packed with my grocery shopping, to be greeted by several firemen! Yep! Dream come true! Naaaaaaah…. they were actually pretty concerned about something (water water water, lot’s of water) and were just curious to see my apartment…

It was pretty intense though. The first glance I mean.
Water was pouring (!!) down the walls, it smelled and felt wet, bad and cold… Pure Horror!
In the end, it took way over 3 months to dry out the whole apartment – which is only 30 sqm big! INSANE! I lived with huge noisy constructional drying machines the whole time, which wasn’t a pleasure, believe me. Now and finally my apartment got completely re-plastered and -painted, and I thought of adding a ‚feature‘ wall in a light grey.
What do you think Mr. Blog?
I love it – but most of all I like to have my living conditions back! TRIPLE YAY!
Have a lovely weekend!
I’ll enjoy my ’new‘ apartment!! F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!!
Love, Susu xx

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